Hydrospeed on Brembo River

Swim between the adrenalin rapids of the river!

This sport consists in the descent of a river by swimming, with the help of fins and a special floating board, like a bob, called Hydrospeed. It is the youngest of the commercial river sports and certainly the one that puts you in greater contact with the river and the water element. After an initial briefing, where you will be explained the descent technique and provided the necessary material and equipment, you will begin the activity. Totally immersed in the river, you will ride the powerful rapids of the Brembo river. The guide will accompany you throughout the descent, indicating the best lines, but the real protagonist will be you. The leading of the river Bob is in fact entirely left to you! Hydrospeed is therefore the ideal sport for those who want to experience the river firsthand, practicing an adrenaline-fueled but safe activity within the reach of anyone, because previous technical skills are not required. A decent water level in the river is necessary to practice hydroseed. Contact us to be sure of the availability.


  • A guide will be with you for the whole trip.
  • All the technical equipment is provided.
  • What to bring: swimsuit, synthetic technical T-shirt, pile, dry clothes to change in to.
  • Meeting point: San Pellegrino Terme (Bg). For further details consult the map given you when you sign up to the trip.
  • Trip Length: 3h.
What is included
  • Necessary equipment rental
  • Guide
  • Tips
  • Lunch
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • The trip will run in bad weather, too, with the proviso that the guide reserves the right to decide whether the conditions exist for the trip to be safely and fully run.
  • If the trip is cancelled as a result of bad weather, you could take the trip in another day, to be agreed.
  • Minimum age: 16. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Trip participants must follow the guide's instructions during the trip.
  • Those signing up to the trip declare that they are in excellent health and do not suffer from medical conditions which may make physical exercise dangerous and that they are sufficiently fit for the physical effort involved. Guides are in no way responsible for injury caused by inadequate physical fitness.
  • The meeting point map, guide telephone number and all practical info will be emailed to you after the booking.


  • Participants are entitled to full refunds for cancellations prior to 7 day before the trip
  • Cancellations from 1 to 6 days before the start of the tour are liable for 100% cancellation fees.

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